Oakie Studio

Oakie Studio Welcome to Oakie Studio - a place unlike any other! A place where, in accordance with our family's multi-generational tradition, unique and one-of-a-kind furniture with character is created.

Quality and Tradition
At Oakie Studio, you will find furniture made from authentic oak wood. With utmost care for their durability and visual appeal, we craft them using the highest quality wood, paying attention to every, even the smallest, detail. All elements undergo manual processing, ensuring their quality and flawless finish. Additionally, we cover them with a double layer of oil or wax, enhancing their durability and making them even more impressive. Properly cared for, these furniture pieces will endure many years of use! For generations, they have been crafted in our family workshop with a long-standing tradition.

Scandinavian design
The trend for Scandinavian-style interiors has been going strong for several years now, and it seems to have settled in our homes for good. We have fallen in love with Scandinavian simplicity, minimalism, and bright, spacious interiors. Our designers are not indifferent to these trends either, skillfully incorporating them into the design of our furniture and accessories. As a result, the furniture purchased from our store will perfectly complement modern spaces styled in the Scandinavian aesthetic.

One-of-a-Kind Furniture
Due to the unique structure of solid oak wood, each piece of furniture created in our workshop has a different arrangement of wood grains. This makes it one-of-a-kind and exceptional - there is certainly no other identical piece like the one you will purchase from our store! Moreover, we produce furniture upon receiving orders, allowing for customization according to individual needs and preferences of the buyer. Upon special request from the customer, we can prepare furniture in different, non-standard dimensions, covered with wax or oil, in a chosen color.

Practical functionality
While aesthetics are important to us, we expect something more from our designs - we want the products offered in our store to not only be beautiful but also practical and functional. We design our furniture with people in mind, and ensuring their comfort of use is our priority!

Great selection
The furniture available in our store is gaining increasing popularity. Oak bedside cabinets, in particular, have been in high demand and have received recognition at one of the editions of the "Rzeczy Ładne" Fair in Warsaw. Bedside cabinets are available in three variants: with a storage compartment and with one or two drawers. However, cabinets are not the only thing we offer! We also produce coffee tables on wooden legs, shoe cabinets, plant stands, shelves, and trays.

In our designs, we don't try to improve nature - we appreciate it and bring out its natural beauty. We don't succumb to temporary trends and have remained faithful to our ideals and principles for years. We still want to create beautiful and functional furniture that will bring warmth and a pleasant, homely atmosphere to your interiors. Does it work? The growing number of satisfied customers in our store speaks for itself!