Oak Flower Stand

299,00 zł

Oak Plant Stand

A plant stand made from the highest quality oak is not only a practical solution for your plants but also a beautiful addition to your interior. Designed with attention to detail and durability, this oak stand perfectly complements various styles of decor, adding natural charm and elegance to your home.

Solid construction:

The stand is made from solid oak, ensuring not only aesthetics but also durability. This allows you to place heavier plant pots on it without worry.

Beautiful design:

The natural color of oak combined with minimalist design gives this stand a unique character. It is a perfect way to highlight the beauty of your flowers and plants.


The stand provides sufficient space to accommodate plant pots with diameters ranging from X to Y centimeters. This means you can place both small and larger plants on it without worrying about their stability.

Easy maintenace:

The oak stand not only looks beautiful but is also easy to maintain. Regularly wiping it with a damp cloth will help keep its fresh appearance for years to come.


This stand can serve various functions, not only as a base for a flowerpot but also as a place for your favorite decorations, figurines, or other items you want to showcase.

Let your plant thrive in its new oak surroundings! Create a natural atmosphere in your home with this oak plant stand, adding warmth and character to your interior.


The furniture consists of a small, round top and three screw-in legs.

Lead time:

10-14 working days.


Wipe the top with a cloth gently dampened with a cleaning agent.

Please note that the product may slightly differ from the one shown in the picture due to the natural, unique wood grain.

Height47 cm
Średnica30 cm