Oak Plant Stand

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Oak Plant Stand

The oak plant stand is a compact piece of furniture made from solid, natural oak wood. Four turned legs provide stability and durability. Inside, there are three compartments where you can place various items, such as flowers, current newspapers, or books, as shown in the example photo. It is an elegant addition to the hallway or living room decor. The stand looks exquisite and is fully functional. It is covered with a layer of special oil wax, which protects the wood surface from dirt and stains.

It is entirely crafted from solid wood. The natural material causes the shade of each plant stand to differ from the pictures on the website. Each piece has its unique hue, which adds to its distinctiveness. Oak wood, in general, is associated with elegance and fits well into any style of decor. The plant stand itself is designed in a Scandinavian style, known for its simplicity and functionality. However, wood, being an incredibly natural material, will look fantastic in any room.

It's worth noting the difference between furniture made from solid wood and those made from wood-based panels. The price of the former may be higher, but they boast much higher quality, durability, and, above all, longevity, lasting for generations. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for people who want durable furniture that looks almost new throughout its entire period of use.

Lead time:

10-14 working days.


Wipe the top with a cloth gently dampened with a cleaning agent.

Please note that the product may slightly differ from the one shown in the picture due to the natural, unique wood grain.