Oak Nightstand Table Luna

749,00 zł

Oak Nightstand Table Luna

Nightstand with a storage compartment - Elegance and functionality combined in one piece of furniture!

We present an oak nightstand with a practical storage compartment that will perfectly complement any modern or classic interior. Made from the highest quality solid oak wood, this nightstand not only catches the eye with its natural beauty but also ensures unmatched durability and strength.

The storage compartment of the nightstand is designed with various items in mind, which we always want to have at hand. It's an ideal place for your favorite book, tablet, magazine, or headphones for your music player. As a result, all these small items will not only be within reach but also won't be on display, maintaining an organized look in the bedroom.

The sturdy tabletop of the nightstand provides ample space for placing a bedside lamp, alarm clock, or a cup with your favorite drink.

The assembly of this piece of furniture is extremely simple, and the solid legs ensure stability on any surface. Enjoy a comfortable and practical solution that will add charm to your bedroom and facilitate the organization of everyday items.

Choose the oak nightstand with a storage compartment and discover the harmony that combines functionality with the beauty of natural wood.

To ensure the final appearance of the product, we have developed an effective way of assembling the legs, which keeps the style in which the nightstand was made (no visible mounting elements).


The furniture consists of the main body and four screw-in legs.

Delivery time:

14-21 business days; for special orders, please contact us by phone to negotiate prices or change dimensions.

The product may slightly differ from the one shown in the picture due to the natural, unique wood structure.

Height58 cm
Depth35 cm
Długość46,5 cm