EGG oak coffe table

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Oak coffee table EGG

Made entirely from solid, natural oak wood, the coffee table is characterized by great durability and strength. It has an interesting, rounded shape similar to an egg. Three oak screw-in legs provide it with great stability and resilience, making it suitable for placing heavy objects on the tabletop. The table will be perfect in the living room or by the fireplace, where we often sit for a moment of relaxation.

A special layer of oil-wax protects the surface of the table from dirt and stains. Maintenance is limited to wiping the tabletop with a damp cloth. This way, you can easily remove coffee or tea cup marks as well. It has compact dimensions - its diameter is about 55cm, making it a perfect fit for any corner in the house.

The table is entirely made of natural oak wood. This means that each produced piece will have a slightly different shade. Oak wood has an elegant look in every shade, and this does not affect the presentation of this stylish Scandinavian-style table. It is also very durable, especially when compared to cheaper furniture made of wood-like boards. Our coffee table will easily withstand many generations without major signs of wear and tear, and if any appear, getting rid of them will not be problematic. Thanks to the protective layer applied during this time, it can function without worries about accidental damage from spilled coffee.


The furniture consists of a tabletop and three screw-in legs.

Delivery time

14-21 working days, for special orders, please contact us by phone.


The tabletop should be wiped with a cloth slightly moistened with a cleaning agent.

The product may slightly differ from the one presented in the picture due to the natural, unique wood structure.

Height50 cm
Średnica55 cm