Oak console with two drawers

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Oak console with two drawers

Beautiful and meticulously crafted console made of solid wood, can serve as a table or a desk. Four sturdy wooden legs provide great stability to the piece of furniture and allow for a calm work on its surface. The console also features two spacious drawers. They can be opened using round openings, which is an unusual but interesting and aesthetically pleasing solution. It also has the advantage of not having any handles that could get in the way during work.

It is worth noting that the console is made of solid oak wood. Unlike furniture made of wood-like panels, our product exhibits exceptional durability and can serve for many years. Oak is also associated with great elegance, and this association is not mistaken. Oak furniture looks fantastic in any interior arrangement, reminiscent of classic, durable, and beautiful solid wood furniture. When using natural, solid wood, it is not possible to guarantee one hundred percent color consistency, but the oak console looks very good in any shade.

The console with two drawers will find its place in any home - whether in a corner of the living room to be adorned with beautiful potted flowers or in a bedroom to facilitate any computer-related tasks. The durability and natural beauty will have a very positive impact on the decor of any room and allow you to enjoy the full functionality of the furniture without worrying about its strength.


The furniture consists of the body, two drawers, and four screw-in legs.

Delivery time:

3-4 weeks

For special custom orders, please contact us by phone or email.

The product may slightly differ from the one shown in the picture due to the natural, unique wood structure.

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