Oak Lamp in Scandinavian Style

459,00 zł

Oak Lamp in Scandinavian Style

Made from solid wood, this lamp looks perfect in any setting. It works particularly well on a bedside table due to its size. It features an original and interesting shape, inspired by Scandinavian style. It is characterized by clean lines. The square, fairly wide base ensures the lamp's stability. The sides taper upwards, creating a truncated pyramid shape. At the top, there is an elegant, simple lampshade that diffuses the light from the bulb. It is powered by a 230V electric outlet.

It is an ideal choice for the bedroom, providing excellent lighting for reading a book before sleep. It also facilitates moving around in a dark room after waking up on a winter morning or in the middle of the night. The lamp's meticulous and elegant craftsmanship complements any space and interior design.

The lamp is crafted from solid oak wood. Its natural origin means that each piece may differ slightly in shade, so the received lamp may vary slightly from the ones shown in the pictures. However, this distinct shade adds to the uniqueness of each lamp we produce. Oak is also a highly elegant tree, valued for its durability for many years. As a result, the lamp is exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting. Unlike furniture made from wood-based panels, the lamp is resistant to damage or chipping, and it retains its exquisite appearance for many years. It is also coated with a special oil wax that protects the surface from dirt and stains.